case study

850% Growth in Customer Base

Apteo is an AI powered platform that helps e-commerce merchants drive sales from personalized marketing campaigns and in-store experiences. For merchants using Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Magento, Wix, Square, and Stripe, Apteo can help grow revenue by over 20% by ingesting customer data, running analytics, and providing customer segmentation, campaign suggestions, and even personalized shopping experiences.

Apteo wanted to expand its total addressable market (TAM) and be able to serve merchants that don’t use Shopify with direct integration into the e-commerce platforms that they use.

Apteo was able to integrate with all major e-commerce platforms (WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Magento, Wix, Square, and Stripe) and acquire and support new customers, that they couldn’t support before, in just 1 week.

Apteo was able to expand its addressable market by 17% in just 1 week.

Impact Summary

6 new platforms supported

17% increase in addressable market

850% increase in customer growth

New customers served in 1 week

the problem

Serving all e-commerce merchants

As a small team whose entire business model is based on the ability to access and use data in an automated manner, Apteo built an in-house integration into Shopify to serve Shopify merchants, which took 2 weeks of engineering time to build and another 2 months to get approval in the Shopify app store.

We have 3 main features that are primarily powered by customer and transaction data from e-commerce platforms. Having easy access to this data is critical for our business to function

Shanif Dhanani, CEO

After getting traction with Shopify customers, the Apteo team estimated there was another 15% of ideal e-commerce customers that were not using Shopify, and therefore currently wouldn’t be able to benefit from Apteo.

We had built out the Shopify connection and it took us a long time. We saw Rutter as a way to expand our offering to get more customers with minimal effort on our side.

Shanif Dhanani, CEO

the solution

Launching with 6 new platforms in 1 week

When looking for a solution to integrate with platforms beyond Shopify, Apteo was focused on two major criteria:

Technical - a solution that would require minimal effort from their engineering team but pull down data from the last 10 years and update that every 24 hours, without any major delays
Financial - Since much of the value is cost savings for engineering time, Apteo needed to ensure implementation would be easy, require minimal engineering effort, and be a high ROI for the team

We wanted a solution that was fast, easy to implement, and low engineering effort required for our team

Shanif Dhanani, CEO

Onboarding was quick and easy. The team was really responsive and documentation was excellent, which helped us get it done in a week.

Shanif Dhanani, CEO

Apteo was able to implement Rutter and connect to X,Y,Z new platforms within a week, immediately gaining new customers from non-Shopify stores after implementation.

With Rutter, Apteo was able to focus engineering resources on the part of their product that was most value add to their customers.

the outcome

Growing addressable market by 17%

With Rutter, Apteo was able to provide the same analytics, AI, and 20%+ revenue growth to even more customers, no matter what e-commerce platform they used to build their store. As a small team, it’s important for them to focus on improving their analytics and AI capabilities to drive more value for customers, so using Rutter to expand their reach was a no-brainer.

We use Rutter for anyone not on Shopify to pull down their data, run all sorts of interesting analytics, generate AI models on what they’re likely to purchase next, so we can help e-commerce brands figure out how to target their customers more effectively.

Shanif Dhanani, CEO