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A guide to building B2B fintech software with accounting automation

Accurate financial records lay the foundation for sound business decisions and sustainable growth – leaving no margin for error. In the dynamic landscape of modern finance, integrating seamless accounting solutions has become essential. Building robust products demands both engineering excellence and domain knowledge.

Introducing our latest eBook: “A guide to building B2B fintech software with accounting automation.” Dive into the intricacies of crafting sophisticated expense management, accounts payable, and accounts receivable automation systems. This eBook delves into every facet of these workflows, illustrating their complexities and highlighting their potential impact on businesses of all scales.

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In this product guide, we’ll dive into

  • Framework for product development

Dive into the core steps of product development for accounting automation, understanding market nuances, and setting precise product definitions.

  • Building an expense management product

Unveil the key components and workflows of an effective expense management product, from card issuing to seamless accounting integrations.

  • Building an accounts payable product

Learn the intricacies of accounts payable products, from integrating payment infrastructure to automating bill ingestion

  • Building an accounts receivable product

Master the essentials of accounts receivable products, understanding the difference between bills and invoices, and the automation required for efficiency.

  • Handling custom platform configurations and workflows

Grasp the importance of custom fields in tailoring accounting systems to unique business-specific workflows, especially for enterprise customers.

  • Build vs buy and evaluating an accounting automation partner

Find out why Rutter stands out as the go-to accounting automation partner, offering unparalleled support, developer-centric features, and extensive accounting platform coverage.

Hear from our customers

Rutter’s Universal API has saved us thousands of engineering hours, and we were able to accomplish a years worth of work in a few weeks

Erik Straub
Head of Product

The Rutter team is smart and fast-moving, and their solution saves us tons of engineering hours. It’s a really good fit for any team looking to ship integrations efficiently.

Sam Ross
Sam Ross, Co-Founder of Numeral

We tried building integrations ourselves and it was very slow. For every platform, you have to start with the authentication and authorization.

Nnaemeka Obodoekwe
Chief Technology Officer

It made sense for us to just use one API and integrate with one solution vs using 5-10 different APIs. We went with Rutter because they had the most tech-forward engineering team, provided the best commerce and payment platform integrations, and offered a very smooth onboarding experience.

Sam Packard
Senior Product Manager

We preferred working with Rutter because of how they normalize the data model across platforms. If we were going to leverage a partner for the different accounting platforms, we wanted to make sure to dramatically reduce our integration cost and not have to deal with the heterogeneous requirements of different accounting APIs.

Xiaomei Zhang
Head of Engineering