Lunch & Learn: How to Build Bill Pay Automation 101
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Lunch & Learn: Building an Accounting Integration 101
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Bill Pay Automation

Empower your customers save time and money when managing their accounts payable. Automate the end-to-end AP workflow — from vendors, bill payment, and bill credit memos with write accounting integrations.

Trusted by 100+ fintech companies:

Sync bill data to your customers' accounting systems

Capture bill data, payment schedule, payment status in accounting system, and more.


Used to create and link credit and debit accounts.


Issued by a vendor and are linked to Purchase Orders, Bill Payments and Bill Credit Memos.


Allow for seamless uploading of images and scanned bills for automated entry.

Bill payments + credit memos

Log bills to record past or future payments.


Fast-track customer authentication

Create a native product experience with a white-labeled Rutter Link and establish bi-directional syncs via OAuth flows.

Launched 5 new integrations in weeks

Explore how Notch financial, a leader in accounts receivable and accounts payable automation for the food and beverage industry, set out to simplify invoice payments and lower operational expenses.

New integrations launched in weeks rather than months
Full-time engineers freed up to work on enhancing the product experience for customers
Jamie Allen
Principal Engineer

"Building native integrations with QuickBooks ended up taking a really long time. We initially thought it would take 2 engineers a couple of months. It took at least 3 months and we iterated at least twice after. It took close to a year of development."


Sync data bi-directionally

Rutter’s API automatically syncs vendors, bill payments, and credit memos to a general ledger, eliminating manual entry. Real-time data updates through webhooks keep everything current, and with a single source of truth, your customers gain complete visibility into upcoming bills, empowering them to manage their finances with confidence.

Purpose-built integration

Address bill data nuances

Unleash a granular understanding of your customers' finances; where they can log department, class, and location data for bills, ensuring detailed insights. Rutter’s API seamlessly handles complexities like multi-currency transactions, refunds, and multi-subsidiary structures.

Expansive Coverage

Add new integrations with speed and ease

Save time shipping and maintaining integrations. Easily debug and manage integration lifecycle with a comprehensive dashboard and observability tool.

Get up and running.

Building integrated products is hard. We can do that together. Let's chat.

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