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Financial Planning & Analytics

Empower your customers with a comprehensive financial overview of their business and real-time, accurate financial data to make the best business decisions.

Trusted by 100+ fintech companies:

Centralize all financial data across platforms

Pull in comprehensive financial data from payment, ad, commerce, and accounting platforms.

Cash Flow Statements

Visibility into income statement, cash flow statement, and balance sheet to understand financial health.

Bill Payments

Pull detailed bill and invoice and accompanying payments to understand financial health.


Pull source of truth orders with SKU-level details.


Pull payouts from marketplaces and payment platforms to better understand cash flow.

Customer IDs

Pull customer IDs on transactions to better understand LTV and customer concentration.

Items + Products

Pull items and product variants to understand inventory trends.


Fast-track customer authentication

Create a native product experience with a white-labeled Rutter Link and establish bi-directional syncs via OAuth flows.

Accessed accounting data to give SMBs a full financial picture

Discover how Brightflow AI employs Rutter's Universal Accounting API to enrich SMBs' financial insights by effortlessly integrating with complex accounting platforms like NetSuite.

Cut in initial development and maintenance costs for NetSuite and Xero integration
Accounting platforms swiftly integrated, enhancing financial analysis and forecast accuracy for SMBs
Xiaomei Zhang,
Head of Engineering

“We preferred to work with Rutter because of how they normalize the data model across platforms. We wanted to make sure to dramatically reduce our integration cost and not have to deal with the heterogeneous requirements of different accounting APIs.”


Centralize your customer data in real-time

Pull in your customer financial data across many commerce, payment, ad, and accounting platforms in real-time. Fetch data you need anytime and get full visibility into data sync history to diagnose issues quickly.

Purpose-built integration

Offer the missing view your customers need

Provide differentiated data like ads spend, payment, commerce sales data for your customers to empower them with the most holistic financial view of their business to make better decisions.

Expansive Coverage

Add new integrations with speed and ease

Save time shipping and maintaining integrations. Easily debug and manage integration lifecycle with a comprehensive dashboard and observability tool.

Get up and running.

Building integrated products is hard. We can do that together. Let's chat.

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