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Business Underwriting

Leverage new data sources to uncover new lending opportunities for your customers. Power your risk and credit models with real-time transaction, financial statements, and payout data from commerce, payment, and accounting platforms.

Trusted by 100+ fintech companies:

Make better decisions with more data

Utilize 1st party data from multiple sources such as commerce, payment, and accounting platforms to calculate risks scores for underwriting decisions.

Income statements

Visibility into Cash Flow statements and Balance Sheets to understand business metrics.


Represents any payment or attempted payment received by the merchant.


Retrieve all of the orders from a merchant's store.


Pull payouts from marketplaces and payment platforms to better understand cash flow.


An individual or company that buys goods or services from a business.

Items + Products

To understand industry and product categories.


Fast-track customer authentication

Create a native product experience with a white-labeled Rutter Link and establish bi-directional syncs via OAuth flows.

Roll out new integrations 5x faster

Discover how Uncapped accelerates integration deployment by 5x using Rutter’s Unified API, reducing both time and engineering resources.

3 Days
Reduced the integration build time from two weeks to just three days with Rutter's aid
Additional time required for rolling out new integrations, down from 2-3 weeks, opening new market opportunities effortlessly
Rudy Dobrzynski,
Head of Engineering

“We’ve worked with many providers that weren’t reliable, which is a huge issue. Rutter is the only provider we’ve worked with that’s given us a 99.999% uptime so far. They’re more reliable than the Facebook API.”


Automate onboarding and accelerate decisions

Shorten the sales cycle and capture more customers with our seamless onboarding process. We minimize time-to-value by allowing you to configure the exact period of historical data to retrieve, enabling instant data access across platforms, anytime. This translates to faster lending decisions, giving you the edge to win more business.

Purpose-built integration

Underwrite SMBs with comprehensive data

We provide a holistic, contextualized view of fast-growing businesses by instantly reading normalized data from commerce, accounting, and payment platforms. Cross-reference data sources, identify potential fraud, and verify information.

Expansive Coverage

Add new integrations with speed and ease

Save time shipping and maintaining integrations. Easily debug and manage integration lifecycle with a comprehensive dashboard and observability tool.

Get up and running.

Building integrated products is hard. We can do that together. Let's chat.

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