Lunch & Learn: How to Build Bill Pay Automation 101
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Lunch & Learn: Building an Accounting Integration 101
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Sync data from


with our Unified


Sync data from NetSuite with our Unified Accounting API

Sync financial reports, bills, invoices, expenses, and more.


Sync the right data

Cash Flow statements

A cash flow statement provides aggregate data regarding all cash inflows a company receives from its ongoing operations and external investment sources.


Bills represent an itemized record of goods purchased from or service provided by another company.


Retrieve all of the customers from a merchant’s store.

Income statements

Income statement shows a company’s financial performance over a period including the company’s income and expenditures.

Balance Sheets

A balance sheet is a financial statement that reports a business’ assets, liabilities, and shareholders’ equity during a specified period.


An invoice is an itemized record of goods sold or services provided to a customer.

API Capabilities

One data model to sync with many platforms

Build and maintain integrations with one data model. Save time transforming data and mapping business transactions to each object 
on different platforms.

Accounting Rutter Link illustration
Streamline international payments

Discover how Airwallex harnessed Rutter’s API technology to expedite global payments, curtail build time, and swiftly venture into new markets, all while maintaining cost-efficiency.

Reduction in build time from 1-2 months to 1-2 weeks, speeding up integration processes
Emerging marketplaces launched within weeks, broadening customer base and market reach
Richard Yu
Product Lead

"Rutter’s cost is cheaper than any headcount we need to build and maintain these integrations. Plus, their documentation is impressive, the APIs are very elegant, and they met our security, latency, and performance needs."

API Capabilities

Designed to power best-in-class integrated products

One data model
Sync data bi-directionally across multiple platforms using one standardized model
Seamless authentication
Leverage white-labeled Rutter Link to seamlessly connect customers’ accounts
Fully customizable
Access customized fields and un-unified data models via Custom Fields and Platform Data
Consistent visibility
Monitor and debug integrations effortlessly with a comprehensive monitoring and observability suite

Get up and running.

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