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Lunch & Learn: Building an Accounting Integration 101
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Unify all ads systems with a single API

Ship new integrations in hours, not months. Read and write data to major ads platforms with our Unified API.

API Capabilities

Designed to power best-in-class integrated products

One data model
Sync data bi-directionally across multiple platforms using one standardized model
Seamless authentication
Leverage white-labeled Rutter Link to seamlessly connect customers’ accounts
Fully customizable
Access customized fields and un-unified data models via Custom Fields and Platform Data
Consistent visibility
Monitor and debug integrations effortlessly with a comprehensive monitoring and observability suite
Unified API

One data model to sync with many platforms

Build and maintain integrations with one data model. Save time transforming data and mapping business transactions to each object 
on different platforms.


Same granularity with a single schema

Our API provides the same level of granularity as a direct integration, while utilizing a single schema. We provide features such as Platform Data, 
Custom Fields, and API passthrough to access source data not available in our common data model.

Supported platforms

Discover ads integrations

The days of complex multi-platform workflows are over. Rutter streamlines integration to maximize the value of your existing finance solutions.

More coming

Get up and running.

Building integrated products is hard. We can do that together. Let's chat.

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