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Unification Layer

A single interface and data model for hundreds of platforms

All interactions with the Rutter product are made simpler because of the Unification Layer; which provides an abstraction for how to interact with all third party platforms.


Standardized APIs

All integrations of a given type are normalized to a single data model, so that you can read and write from any third party platform with a single integration.


Standardized Token Management

Every platform has a different way to handle authentication: some are OAuth2.0, others are API key based, username and password based, or token based.

Rutter abstracts token management and assigns each data connection an access token, which is a unique never-expiring credential used to interact with that platform.


Standardized Errors

Error codes and messages are standardized to Rutter standardized errors, which enables an easier debugging and maintenance experience.

Head of Engineering
Financial Planning & Analysis

“We tried building it out ourselves and it was very slow. For each of these platforms, you have to start with the authentication and authorization. Additionally, if something with the API changed, we didn’t have the capacity to do it since we wanted to focus on building our core features that help us underwrite and offer funding to our merchants.”

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