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Sales Tax Automation

Build robust tax calculation, collection, and remittance workflows with real-time sales data and robust integration management capabilities.

Trusted by 100+ fintech companies:

Sync sales tax data in real-time

Pull in sales information from commerce and accounting platforms automatically.


Retrieve all of the orders from a merchant's store.


Represents any payment or attempted payment received by the merchant.


Retrieve all products & variants from a merchant's store.


Log customer and employee invoices with ease. 


Fast-track customer authentication

Create a native product experience with a white-labeled Rutter Link and establish bi-directional syncs via OAuth flows.

Streamlined customer sales tax while saving $200k annually

Explore how Numeral shaved 20 hours of monthly engineering work by connecting their platform to 6 others via Rutter’s Unified API.

20+ hours
Of saved monthly engineering time with quick onboarding and Rutter-supported platforms
Connection types supported as Numeral scaled to include additional Commerce platforms
Sam Ross
Co-Founder of Numeral

"As a startup, you have limited engineering resources, so you have to ruthlessly prioritize. Anywhere we could buy instead of build was a win. Rutter is the prime example of that."


Sync data bi-directionally

Pull in your customer financial data across many commerce and accounting platforms in real-time. Fetch data you need anytime and get full visibility into data sync history to diagnose issues quickly.

Purpose-built integration

Maintain and debug integrations with ease

Maintaining and debugging an integration requires just as much effort as building it. Rutter provides a suite of monitoring and observability tools that give you full visibility into the integrations lifecycle, from data fetching, data access, webhooks, and data syncs.

Expansive Coverage

Add new integrations with speed and ease

Save time shipping and maintaining integrations. Easily debug and manage integration lifecycle with a comprehensive dashboard and observability tool.

Get up and running.

Building integrated products is hard. We can do that together. Let's chat.

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