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May 7, 2024

Meet Ads API: Integrate with Meta, Google Ads, Tiktok, and more.

Brian Hernandez
VP of RevOps
at Rutter
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Rutter is thrilled to unveil integrations with leading ad platforms Meta, Google Ads, and TikTok. These integrations enhance B2B fintech products by providing comprehensive insights into how SMBs manage and perform in their advertising efforts.

The Problem: Without a source of truth for SMB cost data, product experiences suffer 

Financial health dashboard, underwriting/lending, and spending management tools are most effective when backed by highly granular financial data. Yet, most products operate at a data maturity level of 1 or 2, which prevents deep insights and limits operational agility.

  • Level 1 — Basic financial insights include high-level financial insights from bank statements and KYB data but lack detailed granularity into specific transactions.
  • Level 2 — Enhanced financial detail offers a more detailed view of financial health by incorporating accounting data. Because this data may not be current, it is difficult to verify, which poses challenges for reliable decision-making.
  • Level 3 — Advanced real-time data uses revenue and cost data directly from the record system, which creates a transaction-level understanding of a business. It is trustworthy and timely, enabling precise financial management and strategic planning.

By advancing to higher levels of data maturity, financial platforms can significantly improve their product quality, providing businesses with more accurate and actionable insights.

The Impact: Understanding SMB spend and revenue helps you build better B2B financial products

Rutter’s Ads API simplifies ad data management, making it easier for B2B Fintechs to:

  • Understand customer acquisition costs and lifetime value
  • Analyze top converting ads and calculate return on ad spend
  • Combine ad data with commerce integrations for a full revenue and expense view

But how does this help you build a better B2B financial product? Many products are enhanced by incorporating real-time ad data, including:

  • Financial Planning & Analytics platforms 

Providing visibility into ad campaign performance enables informed, real-time decisions on ad budget allocation. Additionally, integrating ad data enables SMBs to gain more complete business health insights without manually pulling in data themselves.

  • The next generation of lenders 

Modern lenders utilize diverse data sources, including ad data, to optimize loan decisions. This allows them to assess ad spend ROI and predict customer growth potential accurately

  • Expense Management companies 

Integrating ad invoice data streamlines expense management processes, reducing manual efforts and offering better control over ad-related expenses.

How Rutter’s Ads API works

Our Ads API simplifies connections to top ad platforms, including Google, Meta, and TikTok, through a unified data model.

Unified data schema across ads platforms

The Ads API supports 3 attributes: 

  1. Campaigns — for performance data such as clicks, impressions, spend, and budget
  2. Invoices — to understand ad spend
  3. Ads accounts —to understand the various budget and ad accounts within a given platform 

The Rutter Ads API currently works with Google, Meta, and TikTok — with more platforms to come.

Customer Spotlight: Incard leverages Rutter integrations to power its Financial OS for e-commerce SMBs

Incard is a powerful financial operating system (OS) tailored to e-commerce founders, offering a suite of financial services combined with powerful software. It empowers e-commerce founders to save valuable time and money, allowing them to focus on their business and scale confidently.

Incard's product suite

Incard uses Rutter Ads, Commerce, Accounting, and Bank feed integrations to power the majority of its financial products.

Incard's financial dashboard
Rutter has allowed us to significantly speed up the development and reduced time spent on maintenance to access key integrations. This has given us more room to develop new features leveraging the data collected from our integrations.” - Adam Batten, CTO of Incard

Deliver comprehensive ad data straight to your products

Ads API is currently accessible to all current customers as part of your existing contract . Contact your account manager or to gain access today. 

Don’t use Rutter yet? Book a demo to see all the ways Rutter’s APIs can help you build a richer B2B financial product. 

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