February 2023 Rutter Product Updates

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At Rutter, we’re focused on building the Universal API to read and write data from platforms in accounting, e-commerce, payment processing, and subscription management.

Some of the key highlights from our February product update:

  • Our new documentation is produced and updated from the source code. Read our full deep dive post here.
  • Key developer experience improvements including Idempotency for writing financial data, Platform Data Expand for Accounting & Ecommerce platforms to pull all fields from a platform beyond what our universal API supports, and Accounting Webhooks to get updates regularly.
  • New accounting platform support for Quickbooks Desktop (for Expense Management & Accounts Payables Automation use cases) and for NetSuite (for Payments Operations use case).
  • New commerce platform support for Shoplazza and improvements to our Ebay, WooCommerce, Magento and Prestashop integrations.

See below for more details and reach out to us to chat to learn more.

Idempotency to guarantee write accuracy

For writing financial data, you don’t want to write the financial data more than once or miss writing it. When there are network errors, you can accidentally submit the same request twice or make duplicates. To solve this problem, you can now supply an idempotency key, randomly generated string  that you can pass as a header on the request. If you make a request with the same body and same idempotency key, it would only run that request one and return the same item if you ran the request twice. This guarantees whenever you’re positing something despite network errors, you’re only positing one copy of the financial information.

Platform Data Expand for Accounting & E-Commerce Platforms

We often heard from customers that the Universal API abstraction can sometimes be limiting especially when most Universal APIs base their output fields on the “least common denominator” of fields across platforms. We wanted to extend this and give developers the ability to pull all the fields from any given platform even if our Universal API doesn’t support it.

By using the ‘expand=platform_dataparameter, users are able to pull all the fields from a platform even if it’s not supported by our Universal API abstraction.

New Support for Quickbooks Desktop for Expense Management (EM) and Accounts Payables (AP) Automation

We now have support for the Quickbooks Desktop Platform for EM and AP use cases. Quickbooks Desktop was requested by several customers because a lot of legacy industries and SMBs still use Quickbooks Desktop.

New Support for Payments Operations Accounting Use Case for NetSuite

We shipped new endpoints for NetSuite including GET Invoices, GET+POST Invoice Payments, GET Invoice Credit Memos which helps support the Payment Operations use case.

Accounting Platform Improvements

We launched several improvements to our accounting endpoints including:  adding the functionality to attach every type of category for NetSuite + Quickbooks Online prepaid expenses + tagging class, dept, location, adding Class ID for GET bill line items and Customer ID for POST expenses.

Additionally, we now also have Accounting Webhooks for all key endpoints including for accounts, invoices, bill, vendors and journal entries.

Commerce Platform Improvements

This month, we launched a new ecommerce platform integration in Shoplazza which is a leading global eCommerce platform and has a big presence in Asia.

We released several improvements to our existing commerce platforms as well including improvements to our Ebay API to support posting multiple images and new support for Platform Data Expand for Magento, WooCommmerce and PrestaShop.

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