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June 15, 2022

Introducing Rutter Instant Link

Prathik Naidu
Product Lead
at Rutter
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Getting high-quality data about a business is important for driving mission-critical workflows. In lending, accounting systems, payment processors, and e-commerce platforms contain rich, real-time business insights that are becoming a standard for enhancing risk assessments and powering advanced underwriting workflows. However, tapping into these additional sources of data requires businesses to take an extra step and connect to more accounts, adding friction to the already tedious loan application flow.

Optimizing conversion rates for the loan application is just as important as using data to drive more offers. At Rutter, we already provide the most frictionless authentication flow through a simple snippet of code that can be embedded directly into your loan sign-up flow. But sometimes that isn’t enough especially when you’re trying to meet businesses where they’re operating whether it’s on email, advertisements, third-party websites, or other platforms.

Today, we’re excited to announce Rutter Instant Link, a solution that enables you to easily generate and embed a one-click Rutter authentication flow through a simple URL without integrating any code.

"Rutter Instant Links let us create beautiful, immersive experiences so our customers feel like their data are secured. All of this can be easily done without much engineering effort." - Rudy Dobrzynski, Head of Engineering at Uncapped

Improve Conversion Rates With Rutter Instant Link

Normally, a business looking for a loan would first have to find the right type of lender through organic search or targeted ads. They would then go through the application flow to submit their information and connect relevant accounts, only to be put “on hold” until the lender reviews their application and delivers an offer.

With Rutter Instant Link, any company can embed a fully white-labeled authentication workflow with 0 lines of code so a business can connect their accounts from virtually anywhere.

Imagine you’re a lender working on an email campaign for the businesses you serve. Three easy steps to get started with Rutter Instant Link and drive more conversions:

  • You have a list of target businesses and work with your marketing team to generate a template that embeds Rutter Instant Link into a button (see above).
  • A business receives that email and with a click of a button, they’re able to connect any of their accounting systems, e-commerce platforms, and payment processors.
  • You can start syncing the relevant data you need like transactions, income statements, invoices, etc. Rutter’s fast data fetch speed means you can immediately start analyzing the data and use it to power workflows such as sending more targeted messaging or even giving an initial pre-qualification offer.

In an industry like SMB lending where current products are very clunky and archaic, Rutter Instant Links offers companies a way to reduce friction in the loan application process.

Instant Links can be generated directly from our dashboard, making it incredibly easy to get connected with a business and start fetching data. For more advanced use cases, you can also programmatically generate Instant Links with our POST /connections/create endpoint. This enables teams to create completely customized and automated authentication workflows so businesses can seamlessly connect their data.

Looking Forward

We have some amazing new features that we’re excited to launch very soon! If you have any questions or if you’re interested in trying out Rutter, we’d love to get in touch. You can contact us here.

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