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April 18, 2022

Q1 2022 Rutter Product Updates

Prathik Naidu
Product Lead
at Rutter
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This post was put together by Prathik Naidu, Will Huang and Liz Taistra.

Our product and engineering teams have been hard at work over the last three months building towards Rutter’s mission of enabling new commerce experiences. Here’s what we shipped to help our customers expand their product use cases, integrate faster with Rutter, and improve our reliability.

Rutter Accounting APIs

Accounting platforms are the system of record for financial information on a business, ranging from cash flow statements to invoices. For fintechs, accessing data in these platforms is core to powering their products such as business banking, credit cards, and lending.

With Rutter’s new accounting integrations, we provide rich data via API that enables you to augment your visibility into the financial health of a business. Combined with our commerce APIs, this additional data means faster decision making and a smoother experience for end users.

Enhanced data syncing visibility

A core part of Rutter is our infrastructure to quickly and reliably sync huge amounts of data. Customers need a way to monitor the health of individual connections and get relevant details associated with an active data sync.

We’ve updated Fetch a Connection By Access Token to provide additional information about if a connection is disabled, how much data we’ve synced so far across endpoints, and timestamps for last successful syncs.

No more waiting for initial data syncs

Getting merchant data as quickly as possible is of utmost importance for our customers. Before, you would have to wait until Rutter finishes an initial data sync for a connection before retrieving data.

Now, with the new query parameter force_fetch=true in GET requests, you can get a sneak peek of the data as Rutter syncs the information in real-time. This feature enables you to move faster for your use cases and immediately start using the Rutter API without waiting for a connection to completely finish the data fetch.

Configurable data fetching workflows

For large merchants with huge amounts of historical data, the initial sync might take some time. Our new force_fetch feature lets you quickly deep dive into the data, but what if you prioritize specific endpoints over others for your use case?

With our new batched data fetch workflow, you can specify a configuration for the information you need first (ex. orders → products → customers) and start working with incremental data on the endpoints that matter most.

If this is something that you would like to have configured on your account, please reach out to your Rutter contact.

Test production integrations with Rutter Sandbox

We wanted to make it dead simple for our customers to quickly understand our data model, work with realistic data, and test our APIs without needing any production connections.

With the revamped Rutter sandbox, you can setup the Rutter Link authentication flow, make requests to our endpoints just like in a production setting, and see the magic of our unified data model across platforms!

Reliability & infrastructure improvements

Alongside all of our product work, the engineering team spent a lot of time improving the reliability of our service. We’ve scaled critical portions of our infrastructure, added a significant amount of testing coverage, and built a data integrity system to proactively identify data issues before they touch our customers. On top of this, we’ve developed a system to scale development for new integrations so we can roll them out faster and maintain them more easily.

We’re excited to continue to investing in a strong foundation for our infrastructure so you can have a more robust and reliable product!

Next Steps

If you have any questions or feedback, or if you’re interested in trying out Rutter, we’d love to get in touch. You can contact us here.

We are also hiring! If you’re excited about building data infrastructure for all of the world’s commerce data, checkout our careers page.

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