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July 11, 2022

Q2 2022 Rutter Product Updates

Prathik Naidu
Product Lead
at Rutter
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One of Rutter’s key engineering and product principles is that smart speed wins. Our team ships new features incredibly fast but importantly, we recognize that as a data infrastructure company, our customers rely on us to power their product workflows.

That’s why in Q2 we worked closely with existing and new customers to improve their experience when using Rutter by focusing on updates to our core offerings across our integrations, infrastructure, and dashboard.

Get higher-quality and more reliable data from Rutter’s accounting integrations

Last quarter we launched Rutter Accounting and since then, we’ve helped tons of new customers easily integrate with common accounting platforms (Quickbooks Online, Xero, Netsuite, etc.) and get rich data about a business, including financial statements, invoices, purchase orders, and so much more. Our accounting integrations are enabling fast and reliable data fetch to support use cases like SMB lending, invoice factoring, payment reconciliation, and cash flow management.

However, accounting data is notoriously tricky to work with given the complexities of wrangling various pieces of data that all relate to one another, and ensuring the accuracy of higher-level reports like financial statements can be very challenging.

This past quarter, we doubled down on improving data quality and reliability to ensure customers get the most accurate data possible using Rutter’s API. Among a number of projects, we’ve built new automated data validation checks to proactively correct inaccuracies and made a number of improvements to dramatically improve data fetch speeds. For customers, this means more precise underwriting workflows that can result in a faster decision.

Try it out and you’ll see the magic of our high-quality data yourself! Reach out to our team if you’re interested in trying out Rutter Accounting.

Better visibility into your integrations with a new dashboard

At Rutter, our end users are product and engineering teams so naturally, we focus a lot of time on building the best developer experience. We heard from customers visibility into the connected platforms is important for quickly getting insights into business data.

So we redesigned our Dashboard, optimizing for a clean user experience, and shipped a number of improvements that enables customers to more quickly surface metrics about data that’s synced with Rutter for each individual connection and monitor the statuses of incoming webhooks.

Look out for a ton of new dashboard improvements very soon 👀

Improved uptime and scale

Today, Rutter processes hundreds of millions of transactions daily. As we continue to partner with enterprise customers that have hundreds of thousands of active connections, it’s critical for us to invest in our infrastructure. This past quarter, we simplified our architecture significantly by migrating to a new distributed workflow system. With these improvements, it’s now even easier for us to scale and improves reliability for our customers.

We’re also rolling out a number of features to our platform infrastructure that consolidates our integration code into a single system, which further increases platform reliability and enables our team to ship new integrations 5x faster.

Next step

If you have any questions or feedback, or if you’re interested in trying out Rutter, we’d love to get in touch. You can contact us here.

We are also hiring! If you’re excited about building data infrastructure for all of the world’s commerce data, check out our careers page.

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