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October 4, 2022

Q3 2022 Rutter Product Updates

Shaalin Parekh
Product Marketing & Partnerships Lead
at Rutter
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At Rutter, we’re focused on building the most reliable, developer friendly platform with maximum coverage across business financial data platforms (accounting, e-commerce, payment processing, and subscription management).

Over the last quarter, our team has been heads down building the infrastructure that ensures reliability, launching 10 new integrations in 10 days which gets us to coverage of the accounting platforms used by 99% of small businesses in the US, and building features that allow developers to more easily use our API.

Improved reliability with stronger infrastructure

Especially for newer integrations, reliability is paramount and the cost of a broken connection can be extremely high. So, we launched Rutter Odyssey, proprietary infrastructure that enables Rutter to more efficiently build out and maintain any new platform integration. With Rutter Odyssey, our customers are already seeing increased configurability and data fetch speed across platforms, particularly Shopify and Amazon (two of our most popular platforms). Check out the full details in this blog post and visual below!

Integrate with the platforms you need with more platform coverage

10 platforms in 10 days

As a universal API, our value to customers is directly correlated to the platforms that we integrate with. Leveraging Rutter Odyssey, we launched 10 new platforms in 10 days (see each one announced on our Linkedin. These include e-commerce, accounting, and subscription billing platforms - no easy feat for our engineering team! Many of our customers, particularly FinTech companies, currently rely on multiple universal APIs to connect to all the business financial data they need. To help those customers consolidate, we announced coverage of all major accounting platforms in August and added 5 more in September. Rutter now integrates with Sage Intacct, Dynamics 365, Wave, Zoho, and Freshbooks!

Access to subscription platforms

For new subscription billing platforms that we now integrate with (ChargeBee, Chargify, Recurly, and Stripe), we have a new endpoint to grab subscription-specific data, such as subscription status, frequency, intervals, and more. Read about the new endpoint in our announcement here, and our documentation for more granular details.

Features to make Rutter easier to use

Export accounting data via CSV

Our customers have different use cases for how they use data from Rutter, and for accounting data, especially financial statements, sometimes it’s ideal to get this in an excel or csv file. Now, with Rutter, you can export data directly to a spreadsheet.

Simplified Netsuite onboarding flow

The cost of your customers being unable to onboard or authenticate their platform could be a lost customer, so we want to make it as easy as possible for your customers to link their accounting platforms. When we saw the cumbersome process to authenticate into Netsuite, we invested engineering resources to making it simpler. See what it looks like now, below!

Managed onboarding

Onboarding to new platforms can be challenging, from learning how to navigate a platform's developer environment to creating a platform app and getting it approved for a platform's public app marketplace. Rutter supports our customers through this process.

Improved Visibility into Connection Status

To make it easier to understand the status of ongoing data syncs, we’ve improved our connection status endpoint to give you more granular data on the status of ongoing syncs. Now, you can get additional information on the progress of a data sync, including how much information has been synced so far and the timestamp of the most recent entity that’s been synced. One feature that customers love using is the ability to customize data sync priority with fetch configurations. We now provide the ability to get all of this status information for individual batches of data.

Next step

If you have any questions or feedback, or if you’re interested in trying out Rutter, we’d love to get in touch. You can contact us here.

We are also hiring! If you’re excited about building data infrastructure for all of the world’s commerce data, check out our careers page.

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