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August 18, 2022

Rutter vs Codat: The Key Differences

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As an early pioneer of the Universal Commerce API, Rutter is building the future of commerce and financial business data powering some of the fastest-moving fintech companies.

Companies like Ramp, Airwallex, Mercury, Parafin, Wayflyer, and more use Rutter’s Universal Commerce API to access financial data from customers they work with across any commerce platform from e-commerce storefronts like Shopify to accounting systems like Quickbooks to payment processors like Stripe and many more.

These high-growth fintech companies continue to choose Rutter over Codat because we offer higher quality integrations, better reliability, expertise in the e-commerce space, best-in-class developer experience and a world class support team.

We are seeing more and more companies choosing Rutter over Codat. In this post, we share the top reasons why.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Best In Class Developer Experience Rutter provides a best in class developer experience including Stripe-like documentation, a robust sandbox, webhooks for every platform and best data fetch speed.
  2. Breadth of Commerce Integrations & Expertise - Rutter has the best coverage of commerce platforms in the market and all the best practices when it comes to each platform onboarding.
  3. Better Reliability - Rutter is the most reliable API in the market today based on uptime and observability.
  4. Better Customizability - Rutter is the only product that allows you to fully white-label the merchant authentication flow, have full ownership over merchant credentials and configure the data fetch order.
  5. World Class Support - Rutter provides a white-glove onboarding experience to every customer with a dedicated customer success and support engineering team.

Best in Class Developer Experience

Rutter is designed to get you up and running in minutes, whether you’re building integrations from scratch, setting up an authentication flow or migrating existing integrations. Our customers love our clear and easy to use documentation and we continue to double down on putting together quick start guides to make it even faster for our customers to get started.

As a developer first company, putting the developer first is part of our DNA. Our founders were both engineers by trade and we’ve continued to hire from the best companies like Stripe, Plaid, Facebook, Scale, Blend, Amplitude, and more.

Whether it’s our developer docs or our sandbox environment, we put an emphasis in making the developer experience a world class one. We look up to companies like Stripe and are continuing to invest in making our developer experience a magical one.

Additionally, we offer features that Codat doesn’t have that developers we work with rave about including webhooks across all platforms which allows for real time data and notifications.  Rutter is also the only product that prioritizes data download speed and provides your most important data 5x faster than other platforms like Codat.

Better Reliability

Our goal at Rutter is to provide and maintain gold standard uptime so that your end users will never have any interrupted services, ever.

Observability is also very important to us and we are investing in building tooling to make it very easy for our customers to understand the status of our services anytime. We provide a clear status page with visibility across our endpoints, infrastructure and webhoooks.

We often hear from customers that move from Codat to Rutter that Codat was unreliable, connections would often get disconnected and that they would have issues connecting to other platforms.

As a data infrastructure company, we have a whole team dedicated to making sure we are building the best data infrastructure that allows us to scale with our customers and process hundreds of millions of data points every day.

Breadth of Ecommerce Integrations & Expertise

Codat started in the SMB data space and has mostly focused on building accounting integrations while Rutter pioneered the ‘Universal Commerce API’ space and was the first to market with its suite of Ecommerce APIs including support for Shopify, Amazon, WooCommerce and the long tail of Ecommerce marketplaces and platforms.

Because of this, Rutter is also able to share best practices around these Ecommerce APIs. We know the ins and outs of every platform.

We have also built internal tooling that allows us to build these integrations a lot faster than Codat which is the reason why we’ve not only shipped a lot of new Ecommerce platforms like Shoppee and Lazada but in one quarter we were also able to build the same core accounting platforms in Quickbooks, Xero, Sage and Netsuite that took Codat several years to build. Learn more about our recent Accounting API releases.

Better Customizability

Rutter is the only product that allows you to fully white-label the merchant authentication flow (Rutter Link) so that Rutter is 100% invisible to your customers.

We also provide access to underlying tokens for each platform and full ownership of merchant credentials which Codat does not. This limits Codat customers to making customer API calls and adds an extra step when you want to use the direct platform APIs yourself.

We also allow you to configure the order of what data you want to fetch first allowing companies to gain access to the most important data they need within their SLAs.

It’s important for us that our customers who are leading fintech companies are able to offer the best in class experience to their end business or merchant users which is why we invest heavily in making our platform as customizable as possible, letting Rutter do the magic behind the scenes.

World Class Support

Customer Success & Support are one of our biggest priorities at Rutter. We have invested heavily in building out our Customer Success, Support Engineering and Solutions Architect teams.

Today, we provide multiple channels for all our customers to reach us and make sure that we have a very quick and timely response to any question. We know how critical Rutter is to the business of many of our customers so we make sure that we are also invested in their success and making sure that each one of our customers are making the most out of Rutter’s suite of products.

We often hear complaints from prospects coming from Codat that Codat didn’t provide any onboarding support. At Rutter, we provide a white glove 60-90 day onboarding program where customers work closely with a dedicated Solutions Architect and Customer Success Manager to make sure that they’re successfully onboarded onto the Rutter platform.


Rutter is building the best product in the ‘Universal Commerce API’ space and has better features for product and engineering teams looking to accelerate their product roadmap, build integrations faster and save on engineering resources.

As we continue to double down on building the best engineering team in the space, we will continue to have the best product, developer experience, reliability and support.

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