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How Brightflow AI Used Rutter To Access Accounting Data To Give SMBs A Full Financial Picture

Brightflow AI is a financial technology platform empowering small business owners to make data-backed decisions, take control of their cash flow, and unlock more capital. Brightflow AI’s mission is to demystify finance to give owners the tools and resources they need to sustainably grow.

Brightflow AI software gives everyday business owners real-time visibility into their cash flow, revenue, demand forecast, profitability, return on ad spend ROAS), and customer lifetime value data. This helps businesses understand their cash cycle, avoid cash shortages, and make better decisions around things like inventory purchasing and online ad spend.

Getting a complete financial picture of small businesses
A customizable & flexible API for more complex accounting platforms like NetSuite


All Your Business Data In One Place

Expertise in Accounting Workflows & Platforms

Strong Partnerships for Fast Moving Startups

The Problem

Getting A Complete Financial Picture of Small Businesses

As a financial technology data platform for small businesses, Brightflow AI has to build several data pipelines in order to ingest and process various types of data from these businesses.

While Brightflow AI started out by building all the data pipelines themselves, they wanted to add additional types of data starting with accounting data in order to provide deeper financial analysis for their customers.

The Solution

A Customizable & Flexible API for more complex accounting platforms like NetSuite

Today, Brightflow AI uses Rutter to access accounting data as part of their platform that provides businesses a full picture of their financial health including information on operational efficiencies, cash flow, transactional data, and more.

The first connection the Brightflow AI team used Rutter for was NetSuite, which they found to be a very difficult platform to integrate with so it was great to get Rutter’s expertise given several Brightflow AI customers have their financial data in NetSuite.

There are alternatives and more mature and bigger companies that provide connectors to NetSuite but we preferred to work with Rutter because of how they normalize the data model across platforms. If we were going to leverage a partner for the different accounting platforms, we wanted to make sure to dramatically reduce our integration cost and not have to deal with the heterogeneous requirements of different accounting APIs.

Xiaomei Zhang,
Head of Engineering

Both our founders are from Y-Combinator so there’s an added level of trust and it’s easier to have a relationship, especially for this type of tech partnership where Rutter plays a crucial role in our data pipeline.

Xiaomei Zhang,
Head of Engineering

The Impact

Leveraging Rutter’s Expertise in Accounting
All Your Business Data In One Place

Using Rutter’s Universal Accounting API, Brightflow AI is able to layer on accounting data to the forecast and financial analysis that they provide SMBs without having to build the data pipelines themselves. Brightflow AI Head of Engineering Xiaomei Zhang shared, “​​Brightflow AI leveraged Rutter’s API platform to achieve a quick integration for NetSuite and Xero. This partnership allows us to cut initial development cost and maintenance costs for Netsuite and Xero integration by at least 50%.”

Expertise in Accounting Workflows & Platforms

Brightflow AI decided to use Rutter because of the expertise Rutter has across different accounting platforms and how Rutter’s Universal Accounting API normalizes the data model for accounting responses across platforms.

Strong Partnerships for Fast Moving Startups

One of the big things Brightflow AI Head of Engineering Xiaomei Zhang pointed out that was nice about working with another Y Combinator-backed startup was the effort both sides have put into the partnership. She shared, “When entering a partnership like this, there is an effort on both sides to foster the relationship since you’re investing your time and resources on both sides. We’re excited to continue to grow our partnership with Rutter and explore additional ways we can leverage Rutter’s API.”

The Future

Laying the Foundation for Future Products

Brightflow AI has exciting plans for the future of its product suite and how they plan to continue to help small businesses including:

• Investing in a business credit scoring tool, helps small businesses understand and monitor their business credit profile.
• Investing in an advisory program for financial health, helps Brightflow AI customers position their businesses to access capital.
• Continuing to work with Rutter to further expand access to our financial tools and help small businesses make more data-driven decisions.

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