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How Numeral streamlined customer sales tax while saving $200K annually on engineering

Explore how Numeral shaves 20 hours of monthly engineering work by connecting their platform to 6 others via Rutter's universal API.

20+ hours
Of saved monthly engineering time with quick onboarding and Rutter-supported platforms
Connection types supported as Numeral scaled to include additional Commerce platforms
Financial Services
Key integration
Shopify, Amazon, WooCommerce, eBay, Walmart, Magento
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"As a startup, you have limited engineering resources, so you have to ruthlessly prioritize. Anywhere we could buy instead of build was a win. Rutter is the prime example of that."

Sam Ross
Co-Founder of Numeral
The problem

Without Numeral, small and medium businesses have to manually collect sales tax data for every state in which they do business, file taxes with every individual state, and sometimes even sit on the phone for hours to ensure they’ve got it right. With leverage Numeral, however, all a brand has to do is connect its various eCom channels. Numeral takes care of the rest — namely, monitoring store settings 24/7 to ensure proper sales data collection. 

However, as Numeral scaled and added more platform support (including WooCommerce and eBay), integrations simply became too resource-intensive. The Numeral team strived to expand the types of DTC brands they could partner with, but the demand on their engineers was unsustainable. 

So, they sought out an integration solution they could buy instead of build. According to Sam Ross, Co-Founder of Numeral, that’s where Rutter’s universal API came in. 

The solution

Rutter’s universal API supports 16 commerce platforms (and counting), making it the ideal solution for Numeral’s resourcing roadblock. 

After a seamless onboarding, the Numeral team quickly began shipping new integrations without the usual drain on their engineers. Sam attributes this to two factors of the Rutter solution: 

  1. Rutter fulfills support requests ASAP. Since these integrations make up the core infrastructure of Numeral’s business, the team needs rapid, thorough resolutions — and Rutter always delivers. In Sam’s words, “Rutter’s team is really open to feedback and always quick to make changes.” 
  1. Rutter offers intuitive, regularly updated API documentation, which Sam calls an unfortunate rarity in the industry. 

“Since onboarding with Rutter, we’ve been able to easily ship about five integrations, which has been really great for us. Their platform is stable, and the API documentation is clean.”

Sam Ross
Co-Founder of Numeral
The impact
Accelerated time to market

Engineers at Numeral save over 20 hours monthly on development work.

Reduced cost structure

Numeral saves over $180K annually from their Rutter partnership.

Growing platform connectivity

Numeral leverages Rutter to connect their platform to 6 others – and counting.

The future

Thanks to Rutter, the team at Numeral can refocus their engineering resources on high-level, value-add software experiences for their users. As a result, the business saves: 

  • 20+ hours monthly on engineering work
  • $180,000–200,000 annually 
  • 90+ days per custom build saved

As Numeral continues to expand platform support and onboard new eCom brands, Sam looks forward to leveraging Rutter to scale their integrations — without the excess drain on their budget or team. In his words, with hundreds of customers connected to the platform, there’s no reason Numeral would look anywhere else. 

“It’s good to know Rutter will be around for a long time. As far as our business is concerned, they’re core infrastructure and vital to our services.”

Sam Ross
Co-Founder of Numeral

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