case study

How Uncapped Rolled Out New Integrations 5x Faster

Photo of uncapped founders

Founded in 2019, Uncapped has become the second fastest growing fintech in Europe, recently raising $80 million with unicorn valuation in its sights.

Uncapped offers founder-friendly funding to ecommerce businesses that is fast, fair and doesn’t involve giving away equity. As more and more founders from different platforms came knocking at its door, Uncapped looked to Rutter to streamline business onboarding across platforms so that it could keep up with demand, shorten their integration build time and speed up time to market by 5x.

the problem

A Rat’s Nest of Integrations

When Uncapped first found Rutter, the Uncapped team had already spent a year building integrations in house, shares Uncapped’s Head of Engineering Rudy Dobrzynski. After rolling out two integrations Shopify and Stripe in-house, and with a roadmap consisting of Amazon, WooCommerce, Magento, and Shoper, the engineering team of Uncapped was trapped in a rat’s nest.

Uncapped decided that it would be better to leave integrations work to a third party instead of dedicating their engineering team to building them out.

Working with Rutter, Uncapped was able to roll out these new integrations in a matter of days and onboard new merchants in new platforms.

Rutter’s the only provider we’ve worked with that has a 99.999% uptime.

the solution

A Universal Ecommerce API

Today, Rutter’s single Universal Ecommerce API is the pipeline that fetches all of the data that Uncapped needs to make an initial loan offer and keep a pulse on merchants for continuous financing.

“We’ve worked with many providers that weren’t reliable, which is a huge issue,” says Rudy Dobrzynski, Head of Engineering at Uncapped. “Rutter is the only provider we’ve worked with that’s given us a 99.999% uptime so far. They’re more reliable than the Facebook API.”

the impact

Rutter as a Competitive Advantage

Faster Speed to Data Fetch

For example, a small business owner showed up at Uncapped’s door saying that they were talking to multiple financing providers to get an offer. Thanks to Rutter Link and Rutter’s optimised data fetching engine, Uncapped was able to fetch and analyze all the financial data that business prospect had across the many marketplaces they operated on, and put an offer in their hands in under 12 hours – a process that would have involved a data room and taken weeks of back and forth without Rutter. This has allowed Uncapped to move much faster than any of its competitors in the financing industry.

Broad Coverage & Support Across Platforms

Rutter being a universal API with a universal schema also enables the Uncapped team to support new platforms like Prestashop, Shoper, WooCommerce, and Stripe without any additional engineering work on their end. “We can just plug in another platform because it’s unified”, says Rudy. “After a few integrations, it’s easy to deliver the next.”

More Integrations, Less Engineering Time

With Rutter, Uncapped took the engineering work of building new integrations from a sequential cost to a one-time cost. And that one time cost ended up being much cheaper and faster than any single platform integration - three days, down from two weeks.

the future

New Integrations, New Markets

Looking ahead, Rudy and the rest of the Uncapped engineering team plan to use Rutter to continue rolling out support to the longer tail of ecommerce founders, marketplace sellers, and small businesses - something that once took them 2-3 weeks per integration to roll out now takes them absolutely 0 time.

We wanted our engineers to focus on the core product, not integrations.