Lunch & Learn: How to Build Bill Pay Automation 101
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Lunch & Learn: Building an Accounting Integration 101
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May 21, 2024
6:00 PM - 9:00 PM PDT

Executive Dinner: Building the Financial OS for SMBs

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​The best B2B products in the world are integrated. Single-point banking solutions are a thing of the past. SMB businesses expect a single platform to streamline all of their financial operations.

Yet building integrated products is hard. The number of software categories and platforms is rapidly increasing with unique data schemas. Each product category requires purpose-built integrations, and there’s a high opportunity cost of building and maintaining integrations internally.

​We are excited to bring together executive leaders like yourself to discuss some pressing industry and product trends that you and many leadership teams of leading B2B fintech companies and banks are wrestling with.

We'll dive into a few topics like:

  • ​What's the so-what / value of building an integrated products? What additional value will unlock with more data sources?
  • ​What will be the single source of truth for SMBs (banks, ERPs, an FP&A platform, or something else)?
  • ​Will we ever get better than Excel?
  • ​How to overcome adoption hurdles?

​Feel free to bring your own topics to problem solve together with other peers and to gather new perspectives.

​Our past dinner attendees included executives from companies like Brex, Pipe, Torpago, Wells Fargo, PNC Bank, Coast, Neo Tax, and many more.

​We can't wait to see you and share perspectives with you.

​This event is invite-only. Please request an invite.

About Rutter: Rutter powers push and pull integrations for leading B2B fintech and e-commerce enablement products. Our Unified API help companies add robust commerce, accounting, payments, ads integrations in days. Trusted by leading B2B fintechs like Mercury, Parafin, Airwallex, and 100+ more.

Get up and running.

Building integrated products is hard. We can do that together. Let's chat.

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