Leverage new data sources to uncover new lending opportunities for your customers.

Power your risk and credit models with the real-time transaction, financial statements, and payout data from commerce, payment, and accounting platforms.

Optimizing lending decisions and accelerating revenue growth for…

More quality data, better decisions

Easy set up & authentication

Fast-track customer authentication with few lines of code

  • Connect to your customer account

  • Create a native product experience under your brand with a white-labeled Rutter Link

  • Establish bi-direction syncs with one click by utilizing native OAuth flows

Fastest data fetch, quicker decision

Accelerate revenue opportunities with seamless onboarding for your customers

  • Configure period of historical data to retrieve for shortest time to value

  • Read data instantly from across platforms, anytime

  • Deliver lending decisions quickly to capture more customers

Robust business decisions with more data sources

Get a more holistic, contextualized view of fast-growing businesses you are about to underwrite

  • Read normalized data from commerce, accounting, and payment platforms instantly

  • Cross-reference data sources to detect fraud and corroborate data

  • Dynamically update credit limits based on fresh business data

Most extensive coverage

Optimize underwriting decisions with diverse data sources from commerce, accounting, and payment platforms

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Building quality integrations requires domain expertise. Hundreds of variants must be considered. Leave the complexity to us.


The Rutter team is smart and fast-moving, and their solution saves us tons of engineering hours. It’s a really good fit for any team looking to ship integrations efficiently.

Sam Ross
Sam Ross
Sam Ross, Co-Founder of Numeral

We tried building integrations ourselves and it was very slow. For every platform, you have to start with the authentication and authorization.

Nnaemeka Obodoekwe
Nnaemeka Obodoekwe
Chief Technology Officer

We preferred working with Rutter because of how they normalize the data model across platforms. If we were going to leverage a partner for the different accounting platforms, we wanted to make sure to dramatically reduce our integration cost and not have to deal with the heterogeneous requirements of different accounting APIs.

Xiaomei Zhang
Xiaomei Zhang
Head of Engineering

It made sense for us to just use one API and integrate with one solution vs using 5-10 different APIs. We went with Rutter because they had the most tech-forward engineering team, provided the best commerce and payment platform integrations, and offered a very smooth onboarding experience.

Sam Packard
Sam Packard
Senior Product Manager

Rutter’s Universal API has saved us thousands of engineering hours, and we were able to accomplish a years worth of work in a few weeks

Erik Straub
Erik Straub
Head of Product