FP&A & Business Analytics

Build integrations faster

Build a differentiated product by ingesting more real-time, structured business financial data through a single API.

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the problem

If you’re building an analytics product for businesses, data is your oil. Most product and engineering teams need to build direct integrations into 40+ data sources to make their product valuable for customers.

the solution

Rutter provides a single API and schema for fetching financial data from any accounting, commerce, payment processor, or subscription billing platform, so that integrating into all of these platforms can take minutes.

Your developers only need to write code once, then leave it to Rutter to add more integrations, maintain them, and scale as your volume increases, so that you can focus on building analytics capabilities that your customers want.


Build your integration products faster

Focus on building your analytical capabilities and UI, rather than integrations, by fetching data from any platform in a consistent schema through Rutter.

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Questions about how Rutter can fit into your business?

Have a unified onboarding experience and increase conversion with Rutter Link, a conversion-optimized login flow that handles merchant authentication flow for you.