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Lunch & Learn: Building an Accounting Integration 101
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The Unified API for B2B financial products

Overwhelmed by customer-facing integration requests? Save engineering headaches and time with a Unified API. Build once to integrate with any platform.

Trusted by 100+ fintech companies:

What is a unified API?

Our common data model allows product teams to easily build and maintain integrations across multiple platforms with ease and minimal effort.

Powering B2B Products

What makes best-in-class integrations?

Product and engineering leaders prefer leveraging a Unified API in order to save millions of dollars of engineering cost, expand addressable markets, and improve product quality.
The Rutter platform is designed with 3 product pillars in mind.


Rutter Link enables you to easily implement a white-labeled end-user authentication process. It handles permissions, data governance, and monitors consent.


Rutter APIs allow you to read, update, write, and remove data across 60+ accounting, commerce, payments, and ads platform used globally by your customers.

Monitoring & Observability

Rutter dashboard gives you full visibility into the integration lifecycle: authentication, data access, webhooks, and data syncs to easily debug and monitor performance.


Rutter’s API infrastructure is designed to power leading tech-forward banks and fintechs

diverse data sources

Leverage new data sources for lending

Power your risk and credit models with real-time transaction, financial statements, and payout data from commerce, payment and accounting platforms.


Sync bills, credit memos, attachments, and more

Automate the end-to-end AP workflow — from vendors, bill payment, and bill credit memos with read-and-write accounting integrations.


Automatically categorize and sync expenses

Automate the creation and reconciliation of expenses by pulling accounts, classes, currency, and subsidiaries for their customers’ accounting systems.

Sync invoices data
Centralize financial data
Read orders and transactions data

Ready to chat?


Building integrated products is hard.
We can do that together.

Explore our growing integration coverage across accounting, commerce, payments, and ads platforms.

Launched 5 new integrations in weeks

Explore how Notch financial, a leader in accounts receivable and accounts payable automation for the food and beverage industry, set out to simplify invoice payments and lower operational expenses.

New integrations launched in weeks rather than months
Full-time engineers freed up to work on enhancing the product experience for customers
Accessed accounting data to give SMBs a full financial picture

Discover how Brightflow AI employs Rutter's Universal Accounting API to enrich SMBs' financial insights by effortlessly integrating with complex accounting platforms like NetSuite.

Cut in initial development and maintenance costs for NetSuite and Xero integration
Accounting platforms swiftly integrated, enhancing financial analysis and forecast accuracy for SMBs
Streamlined customer sales tax while saving $200k annually

Explore how Numeral shaved 20 hours of monthly engineering work by connecting their platform to 6 others via Rutter’s Unified API.

20+ hours
Of saved monthly engineering time with quick onboarding and Rutter-supported platforms
Connection types supported as Numeral scaled to include additional Commerce platforms
Roll out new integrations 5x faster

Discover how Uncapped accelerates integration deployment by 5x using Rutter’s Unified API, reducing both time and engineering resources.

3 Days
Reduced the integration build time from two weeks to just three days with Rutter's aid
Additional time required for rolling out new integrations, down from 2-3 weeks, opening new market opportunities effortlessly

Ship products, not integrations

Support dozens of integrations without the engineering hassle. We obsess over Netsuite subsidiaries support, different Shopify versions, and Quickbooks Desktop Web Connector 2.0 so that you don't have to.

One data model
Sync data bi-directionally across multiple platforms using one standardized model
Seamless authentication
Leverage white-labeled Rutter Link to seamlessly connect customers’ accounts
Fully customizable
Access customized fields and un-unified data models via Custom Fields and Platform Data
Consistent visibility
Monitor and debug integrations effortlessly with a comprehensive monitoring and observability suite

How we show up

Our teams are committed to empower every B2B SaaS company to build the best financial operating systems for SMBs. By extension, we hope to build a future where every SMB can access the best financial tools to unlock greater efficiency and growth.

Empower SMBs

We aspire to improve SMB tools to help them scale and excel at their work.

Help our customers win

We partner with our customers to share best practices and help them build the best products.

Make it easy

We aim to make integrations super simple and easy to deploy.

Get up and running.

Building integrated products is hard. We can do that together. Let's chat.

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