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Rutter’s Universal API takes complexity out of building read and write integrations across commerce and accounting platforms. View integrations you can add with Rutter's API.

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Best in class developer experience

Get up and running with a few lines of code. Read and write data from Rutter to make better credit decisions, get real-time inventory information for marketplaces, and more.

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<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>
function loadRutter() {
      publicKey: "YOUR_RUTTER_PUBLIC_KEY",
      onSuccess: function (publicToken) {
        console.log("public token: " + publicToken);

How Ramp Launched Sales Based Underwriting Across 8+ Commerce Platforms

As one of the fastest-growing fintech companies, Ramp’s mission is to provide its customers with finance automation that maximizes the output of every dollar and hour.

How Kickfurther Increased Engineering Efficiency by 3x

Kickfurther used Rutter to automate the manual process for pulling data and reviewing businesses, helping Kickfurther speed up their vetting process from hours to minutes while also saving them thousands of engineering hours.

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How Uncapped Rolled Out New Integrations 5x Faster

Uncapped looked to Rutter to streamline business onboarding across platforms so that it could keep up with demand, shorten their integration build time and speed up time to market by 5x.

Photo of Uncapped team members