Lendflow x Rutter Partnership: Access Accounting & Commerce data directly in Lendflow

Lendflow x Rutter Partnership: Access Accounting & Commerce data directly in Lendflow’s full stack lending platform

October 18, 2022
Shaalin Parekh
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Whether lenders are underwriting e-commerce companies, SaaS companies, or small businesses, the process can be lengthy and complex for both the lender and small business. 

From the application process to KYB checks to gathering required data for underwriting to signing agreements and disbursing funds, business lenders need to buy or build a lot of technology to set up a streamlined process and gather the right data to make informed decisions. At the same time, SMBs face week-long delays or worse, get turned down because of lack of visibility into their creditworthiness.

Rutter is honored to play an important role as the API used to pull business financial data for leading Fintech companies like Ramp, Mercury, and Wayflyer and to help streamline the process for SMBs applying for funding.

Now, lenders can access Rutter data through Lendflow’s Embedded Credit Operating System. It’s now even easier for lenders to build credit products. Using Rutter and Lendflow together, lenders can build rules and write logic to automate credit decisioning based on accounting, e-commerce, payment processor, and subscription billing data no matter what platforms their customers use. We’re excited for this partnership to make the lending process more efficient for lenders and easier, simpler and faster for small businesses. 

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