Welcome to the First Cohort of Rutter's Fintech Advisory Council

May 4, 2023

"Community is where our power lies. We can do so much more together than we ever could alone." - David Spinks

As the world of fintech is becoming increasingly complex, we curated and brought together a group of thoughtful and curious fintech leaders, innovators, and operators to engage in open, honest conversations to make sense of the world we are in and to exchange critical perspectives. Through these conversations, we hope to spark conversations that will define the future of fintech.

Communities can’t be built without their people and their collective intention. We are honored to welcome our first cohort for our Fintech Advisory Council, which consists of leaders from various companies, from startups to scale-ups to established household names representing diverse perspectives. Members from this cohort represent CEOs, Product Leaders, Engineering Leaders, Partnership Leaders, and more.

Welcome to the members of our first cohort: Ani Narayan (Modern Treasury), Annie Yang (Lithic), Ariel Blum (Receive), Chris Choi (Artoh), David Anderson (Tandym), Don Strite (Magic Eden), Gautam Gupta (Highbeam), Kerwin Jorbina (Loop), Manav Khandelwal (Stripe), Natalie Tse (Airwallex), Roi Ben Daniel (Received.ai), Sam Buck (Ramp), Umesh Khanna (Middesk), and Xiaomei Zhang (Brightflow.ai).

Our goal is to deepen our collective understanding of the rapidly changing fintech landscape and identify opportunities to drive innovation in this space. By fostering meaningful conversations, we aim to pave the way for a more collaborative, forward-thinking approach to navigating the challenges and opportunities in the fintech industry.

Rutter CEO Peter Zhou shared, “It’s an exciting time to be building in fintech right now. We have learned a lot from our customers and are thrilled to bring together such a great group of folks to spark interesting conversations and define the future of fintech together.”

We will be hosting a set of roundtable discussions, curated dinners, and programs for this group in the next few months to share their open questions, critical points of view, and personal quirks with one another.

If you are interested in joining future cohorts of our Fintech Advisory Council, reach out to le@rutterapi.com to say hi, or fill out the interest form. We’d love to hear from you.

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