Lunch & Learn: Building Accounting Integrations for Expense Management Workflows
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Lunch & Learn: Building an Accounting Integration 101
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Lunch & Learn: Building Accounting Integrations for Expense Management Workflows
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Lunch & Learn: Building an Accounting Integration 101
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August 11, 2023

Rutter Q2 Update: Rutter solidifies its spot as fintech's preferred integration partner

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Q2 of 2023 was jam-packed with wins for the Rutter community. Our engineers consistently shipped features and saw unbelievable customer success in return, while our sales team garnered more activity than ever before in the pipeline. 

On the other side of the coin, we faced some difficult decisions. We focused on absolutely nailing a few niche use cases before growing outward. In some cases, this meant saying “no” to building additional functions, even if they were exciting. In other cases, it meant doubling down on current clients and going the extra mile to ensure they thrive. More often than not, that entailed putting our heads down at late hours to push out custom fields or bank feeds. 

The good news? It paid off. At Rutter HQ, we chose our path, took a risk to follow our guts, and validated that we can win with the right game plan.

Now, the #1 integration partner for fintech leaders

Thanks to our fine-tuned focus and heads-down approach in Q2, Rutter has been able to: 

  1. Become a clear winner and preferred integration partner for vital use cases
  2. Launch differentiated features to streamline product dev for our clients

Trusted by the likes of NorthOne and Pluto to simplify product development

For a number of fintech players, Rutter is the go-to integration partner in the ecosystem for key use cases like accounting automation and data centralization. 

Thanks to our Accounting API and new bank feeds rollout, the team at Pluto gained the infrastructure to deploy an effortless, automated workflow for accounting reconciliations. This was a vital step forward for the company, as they strive to streamline expense management and business banking for companies in the UAE. 

On the other side of the globe, NorthOne is a Canadian neobank simplifying the hardest financial steps of running an SMB — and one of Rutter’s newest clients. Over the next three years, Rutter will help the team create a central data hub that consolidates cross-channel sales and levels up their automated lending and accounting. 

Built to empower faster, more complex builds

Throughout Q2, Rutter rolled out differentiated features such as custom fields for NetSuite, bank feeds, aggregate metrics for our lending customers, and more. These enable our users to simultaneously: 

  • Meet complex enterprise needs
  • Launch products more rapidly for end users
  • Never compromise on flexibility or customizability

See Rutter in action. Book a demo. 

The 4 steps we’re taking to maximize your ROI

Looking ahead, let’s unpack Rutter’s roadmap for Q3 of 2023. We have four steps planned (and some already in motion) to continue maximizing clients’ ROI on Rutter. 

Step 1: Invest in more fintech & commerce use cases

In Q2, Rutter drove exceptional returns for clients across the board, but two arenas stood out: fintech and commerce. So, as we enter Q3, we’re amped to double down on efforts in these spaces. 

Meet two new members of the Rutter family who’ll leverage our integrations to excel even further in fintech: 

  1. Bench is the go-to accounting firm for 25,000+ American small business owners. To start, they’re leveraging our Commerce API to ingest users’ transactions. 
  1. Meow is where businesses can access high-interest banking in 5 minutes. To date, hundreds of leading businesses account for over $1 billion in assets on Meow. Meow chose Rutter for its robust NetSuite integration over other competitors in the space. 

Step 2: Build out your enterprise-level integration needs

Across our community of users, Rutter has observed more and more expense management platforms pursuing larger accounts, which often means clients with older accounting setups and ERPs or entirely custom systems. Knowing this, we plan to be the vital infrastructure to enable those partnerships. For the remainder of 2023, the Rutter team will be focused on rolling out enterprise-level ERP support — building integrations with platforms like SAP 4/HANA, Acumatica, and Oracle. 

Step 3: Make dev’s jobs easier with white-glove service & last-mile support

Rutter is grateful to say we’ve seen an impressive win rate in our competitive landscape, especially as many competitors experience greater churn — often due to lack of personalized support. It has been nothing short of validating for the white-glove client service that’s been our standard since day one. As we scale, hands-on service delivery will continue to define the Rutter experience. 

Step 4: Stay on the cutting edge — so you can do the same

From day one, we’ve imagined Rutter as more than just an API. We see our platform as a launchpad for companies to build innovative products and gain business insights through our integrations. Looking forward, we plan to stay true to that vision. 

The next step? Connecting you to value-add financial insights — not just data. Rutter already helps teams access vital info on their finances. We’ll take this further with new products to centralize different data streams of a single company and provide a full picture of your financial health. 


Want to see what the latest Rutter updates can do for your developers? Book a demo. 

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