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September 7, 2022

Working with Ramp: Commerce Sales-Based Underwriting

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We’re excited to announce that Ramp has been using the Rutter Commerce API for their commerce sales-based underwriting to approve businesses faster with more optimal limits, creating a much more seamless customer experience.

Ramp’s mission is to provide its customers with finance automation that maximizes the output of every dollar and hour. Ramp powers over $5 billion of annualized payments volume and has raised over $1 billion in combined venture and debt financing. Ramp’s product suite ranges from corporate cards and expense management software, to accounts payable automation and accounting integrations.

Now, when businesses apply for Ramp’s Corporate Card, they can link their existing commerce platforms like Shopify, Stripe, Square, WooCommerce and other payment platforms. Businesses don’t need to worry about having multiple years of finances on hand. With Ramp and their sales-based underwriting, businesses only need at least a year of sales history on commerce platforms to be evaluated, allowing you to unlock growth for your business faster.

After an extensive vendor evaluation over the last few months, the Ramp team ultimately picked Rutter as the preferred vendor due to our focus on developer experience, platform coverage, speed to data fetch, reliability, and a white-glove customer success program. 

With Rutter, Ramp was able to launch 8+ platforms with 1 API in a matter of weeks instead of months, saving them hundreds of engineering hours. 

“It made sense for us to just use one API and integrate with one solution vs using 5-10 different APIs. We went with Rutter because they had the most tech-forward engineering team, provided the best commerce and payment platform integrations, and offered  a very smooth onboarding experience.” - Sam Packard, Senior Product Manager

Learn more about how Rutter’s Commerce and Accounting APIs can help you do better underwriting by booking a demo today or signing up for our sandbox.

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