Welcome Alan Ibrahim, Rutter’s New VP of Customer Success

Today I’m excited to announce that Alan Ibrahim is joining us as our new VP of Customer Success.

July 20, 2022
Peter Zhou
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Today I’m excited to announce that Alan Ibrahim is joining us as our new VP of Customer Success.

About Alan

Alan was Amplitude’s first employee, joining as an operations generalist helping build out their initial KPI reporting, go-to-market tooling, and ran all customer communication, among dozens of other projects one works on at a three-person startup. He transitioned to be Amplitude’s founding Customer Success Manager and managed the first $1M in ARR. He was given the reins to build and lead the Customer Success function and over 6 years built out a 30+ person team across Customer Success Management, Solutions Architect, and Technical Support and was responsible for managing 80% of Amplitude’s book of business across 500+ annual contracts, achieving 86%+ gross retention rates. He then went on to start and lead the Customer Success Strategy & Operations, supporting the next phase of Amplitude’s growth and helped scale the team’s process, data, and programs.

Why We’re Working with Alan

Alan will manage the Rutter post-sales experience, which includes onboarding, continued growth, renewals, and ongoing support. At Rutter, we are focused on providing the best developer experience and helping fintech companies build their commerce, accounting and payment processor integrations faster.

Alan’s main catchphrases are CS = CX + CO (Customer Success = Customer Experience and Customer Outcomes) and “every Rutterista is in the business of making customers successful”. We’ve been working with Alan as an advisor for the last 4 months, and in that time he has already helped us up-level how we foster a culture of customer empathy, communicate effectively internally and externally, prioritize initiatives and has provided meaningful feedback on our go-to-market motion.

Let’s do this!

Alan helped Amplitude go from pre-revenue to going public in 2021, and we’re extremely excited to have him onboard to help us do it all over again as our customer success leader. His customer-centricity and attention to detail are what’s going to enable us to create the best customer experience and customer outcomes!

If you want to help us build the data layer for all commerce activity in the world, we’re hiring.

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