Welcome Christine Yang, Rutter's New Head of Sales!

Today I’m excited to announce that Christine Yang is joining us as our new Head of Sales

April 27, 2022
Peter Zhou
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Today I’m excited to announce that Christine Yang is joining us as our new Head of Sales. This has been a long time coming, and I’m finally excited to make this official.

About Christine

Christine was the first sales hire at Amplitude, helping them scale to around 400 people over her 6 year tenure there. During that time, she helped build out their early playbook, sell analytics tooling in a competitive market and see Amplitude scale from 0 to becoming a $100M+ ARR business.

Previously, she did sales and business development at Kontagent, Revinate, and LinkedIn. One of the most interesting things about Christine’s history is her previous education in electrical engineering and physics and her brief stint working in hardware before transitioning into sales - having a technical background makes her especially suited to working with us on building out our GTM for an API infrastructure platform.

After we were introduced to Christine, she quickly became our go-to sales advisor: helping us build out our sales pipeline, hire our early sales team, and navigate strategic deals.

When Christine and I first started chatting about her coming onboard full time, my first question was “why go back to early stage?”. She had seen firsthand and contributed to growing Amplitude from $100K in ARR all the way to going public, and it’s not an easy journey. It surprised me that she still had that chip on her shoulder and was ready to jump back into the fire.

Christine thrives in the early stage environment - at her core, she’s a builder, and in her two years of advising she’s been itching to get back into the early stage and get back to building.

Why We’re Working with Christine

Christine is going to manage sales for Rutter. She’s going to be responsible for scaling our outbound top of funnel, building out and leading our sales team, and creating a process and playbook for getting us to $10M ARR+ and beyond.

Christine is just the kind of leader I want to work with. Her defining characteristic is that she’s incredibly passionate about building products from 0 to 1. It’s like a Duraflame Fire Log or the Energizer Bunny. I have a feeling that even decades from now, she’ll still be building or advising early stage companies because that’s what she loves doing.

This time with Rutter it’s not her first merry go round - she’s got the experience of scaling Amplitude from 100K to 100M under her belt.

Complementing all her experience and relentless drive is Christine’s high empathy and ability to lead and rally. Christine is constantly pushing the team to achieve things that we didn’t think possible. She’s got bottomless energy and optimism that’s infectious.

Let’s do this!

Christine is starting with us full time effective today, and I’m confident that we’re going to build a generational company together.

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